USGS NEHRP External Research

Nevada Great Basin Community Velocity Model Workshop Schedule

January 14-15, 2008 at the University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno
Monday 1/14/2008
8:00John Louie NSL, UNR louie-at-seismo.unr.eduIntroduction, thanks, and workshop objectives
Status of CVM efforts in Nevada
8:20John Louie NSL, UNR louie-at-seismo.unr.eduCrustal thickness in the northern Sierra and northern Nevada
8:40John Anderson NSL, UNR jga-at-seismo.unr.eduThe need for accurate velocity models in Nevada network seismology (Chuetsu animation) (TeraShake animations: NW; SE)
9:00David von Seggern NSL, UNR vonseg-at-seismo.unr.eduJoint seismic tomography/location inversion for the Reno-CarsonCity area (Vp animations: E-W; S-N)
9:20Arthur Rodgers LLNL rodgers7-at-llnl.gov3-d models of the southern Great Basin, and shaking in Las Vegas (Barnwell animation)
9:40-10:20Break for coffee, workshop mechanics, and discussion
10:20Barbara Luke UNLV barbara.luke-at-unlv.eduShear wave velocity profiling in Las Vegas valley
10:40Aasha Pancha NSL, UNR pancha-at-seismo.unr.eduNeed for an accurate Reno velocity model to understand amplification in the Reno Basin
11:00Chris Henry NBMG, UNR chenry-at-unr.eduThree-dimensional geologic complexity of the Truckee Meadows basin from geologic mapping
11:20Lee Liberty Boise State lml-at-cgiss.boisestate.eduCase study for building a CVM: Geophysical characterization of the Hot Creek Valley, central Nevada
11:40Morgan Moschetti U. Colorado, Boulder morganm-at-ciei.colorado.eduApplication of empirical Green's functions in the construction and validation of the Great Basin Community Velocity Model
12:00-1:30Working lunch and discussion
1:30John Louie NSL, UNR louie-at-seismo.unr.eduThe MA-CME modeling environment and initial scenario ground-motion computations for Reno and Las Vegas (NV scenario animations)
USGS objectives, funding, internal & external projects, and collaborations
1:50Jack Odum USGS odum-at-usgs.govThe USGS and the development of the Nevada Great Basin Community Velocity Model
Status and results of Utah CVM
2:10Harold Magistrale SDSU magistra-at-mail.sdsu.eduThe Wasatch Front CVM
Other CVM efforts- their advice
2:40Robert Sydnor Engineering Geologist RHSydnor-at-aol.comApplications of shear-wave velocity to the Building Code
3:00-3:40Break for coffee and discussion
3:40Chris Wills CGS maps of Vs30 based on geologic maps
4:10Arthur Rodgers LLNL rodgers7-at-llnl.govThe 1906 modeling effort, and lessons learned
4:40Louie for G.R. Keller U. Oklahoma grkeller-at-ou.eduOpen Earth Framework: Building 3-d models via integration of geological and geophysical data
4:50John Louie NSL, UNR louie-at-seismo.unr.eduCVM efforts in Wellington, New Zealand
5:00Questions, wrap-up, charge for Tuesday discussions
Tuesday 1/15/2008
8:00-9:40Discussion- What results do we need in a Nevada CVM for ground-motion prediction? Who will use the CVM, and how?
9:40-10:20Break for coffee, workshop mechanics, and discussion
10:20-12:00Discussion- How do we obtain the necessary data and results? What methods are cost-effective enough to be funded? What collaborations are needed?
12:00-3:00Working lunch and discussion- Write and order Nevada CVM priorities for NEHRP RFP
Feb. 11, 2008
J. Louie