Welcome to the UNRSL Virtual Tour

Tour revised 1 June 1998.
Welcome to the campus of the University of Nevada, in the city of Reno. In this view you are standing on the east side of the main Quad, looking east at the main entrance to the Laxalt Mineral Engineering (LME) Building. This building and its neighbor the Laxalt Mineral Research (LMR) Building are home to the Seismological Laboratory, the Center for Neotectonic Studies, the Arthur Brant Laboratory for Exploration, and the Departments of Geological Sciences, Mining Engineering, Chemical/Metallurgical Engineering, and other units of UNR's Mackay School of Mines.

Here you can find in addition portions of the College of Engineering's Computer Science department, and the offices of the Geological Society of Nevada, and the U.S. Geological Survey.

So follow the bold links to come inside and look around.

Photographs by John Louie