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On-Line Information
List of Recent NSL Earthquakes, after analysis.
A sample of the Nevada Broadcast of Earthquakes, automatically updated every 5 minutes.
Search NSL Earthquake Catalogs
Search NSL WWW and FTP space.
Questions and Answers on Earthquakes in Nevada
Earthquake Awareness and Mitigation Week, April 20-26, 1997

How to Reach our Staff
Virtual tour of the Seismological Lab
Contacts, by topic of interest
Recent Publications of Lab Staff
Research Projects at the lab
The Center for Economic Migration and Tomography
The recent SAGEEP 1997 Conference
The Guerrero Accelerograph Network
Anonymous FTP Archive
Database of Job Announcements in Geophysics and Seismology
The Nevada Seismic Research Affiliates
Announcements, Seminars
Geophysical Courses and Degree Programs
Search the appointment calendars of NSL staff
Seismo-Surfing the Internet
Search the Steinbrugge Archive of Earthquake Photographs courtesy of the U.C. Berkeley Earthquake Engineering Research Center
Maps and Other Graphic Images
Map of most recent earthquakes in the western U. S.
Map of most recent earthquakes located by NSL
Map of NSL stations
Map of NV and CA cities or towns
Map of SGBSN analog stations
Digital Stations Map
Topographical Map of Nevada
Map of Reno, Tahoe, Carson City Faults and Seismicity
Map of Recorded Earthquakes near Las Vegas
Map of Fault Map of Las Vegas Valley
Reno-Carson City Urban Corridor Map from 1982-1993
Image of Reno Area Seismicity from 1980-1994
Map of the November 1995 Bordertown Earthquake
Map of the December 22, 1995 Double Springs Flat Earthquake
Image of the Rock Valley Area Earthquakes from 1978-1992
Image of the Rock Valley Area Earthquakes from 1992-1995
Image of topographic features and location of 4 Magnitude 4.5+ earthquakes since December 22, 1995.
Items of Interest To NSL Users
Locations of NSL stations
Subnets of the CUSP detection system
Locations of NV and CA cities or towns
Underground nuclear explosions in Nevada
Recent Publications of Lab Staff
Research Projects at the lab
Anonymous FTP Archive
John Louie's local-access-only archive of earthquake mechanisms from Harvard, the USGS Golden, Earthquake Research Inst. Tokyo, and UC Berkeley; felt reports; and information requests.
Seismo-Surfing the Internet
Announcements, Seminars
Geophysical Courses and Degree Programs
Resources for geophysical field work.
View an album of Hydrogeophysics class field work in the Fall of 1995.
Seismic reflection processing with Louie's RG System (program list and exercise with examples), and CWP's Seismic UNIX (local directory)

Seismology Sun System Guidelines
Web Development Software available at the NSL
On-Line Manual Pages for UNIX and local software
Using Sun Disks From Macintoshes
UNR Campus Computing's Email-To-Fax services

Geoffrey Ely's GMT Map Catalog and scripts for southern California at ICS, UCSB.
The SAC Manual online at LLNL
PGPLOT Graphics Manual
An inventory of mapping. modeling, and visualization software for trial in a new lab granted to MSM by the Keck foundation
Seismology Helicorder record-changing schedule
Archive of administrative forms for UNR and UCCSN, in GIF and other formats.
Official UNR link for administrative forms.
Directory of pages from Lab Safety Manuals, and an index from a manual used by the NBMG, all under construction.
Library resources from the Nevada Educational Online Network
UNR Academic Master Planning process, 1995

The information included in these documents is intended to improve earthquake preparedness; however, it does not guarantee the safety of an individual structure or facility. The State of Nevada does not assume liability for any injury, death, or property damage that occurs in connection with an earthquake.

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