UNR GeoSci Seminar Series

For more information on the UNR Geological Sciences Grad Seminar, please contact the department office:

Below is the schedule for Fall 2013 DGSE grad seminars, thanks to Prof. Calvin. Speaker talk titles later in the semester are to be announced.

All remaining seminars will be in DMS 102, 4pm on the given day.

8/26/2013       First day of class
9/2/2013        Labor Day Holiday       No Seminar
9/5/2013        Rick Allis      Basin-centered stratigraphic reservoirs- Potential for large scale geothermal power generation in the US        Utah Geological Survey
9/9/2013        Student Trip Presentations      Eastern Sierra / Geothermal Geology of Iceland  UNR
9/16/2013       Russell Shapiro Alteration of stromatolites and microbes:When is a fossil no longer a fossil? Implications for early earth history and astrobiology     Chico State
9/23/2013       Geoff Blewitt   Observed Solid Earth Contributions to Sea Level Variation in Western US Univ. of Nevada / NBMG
9/30/2013       GRC/RMR No Seminar
10/7/2013       Tobias Fischer  TBA     Univ. of New Mexico
10/14/2013      Alex Morlean / Sabina Kraushaar Graduating MS student presentations
10/21/2013      Corne Kreemer   Global Strain Rate Map  Univ. of Nevada / NBMG
10/28/2013      GSA     No Seminar
11/4/2013       Erica Keys(Helton) / Lyndsay Hazelwod   Graduating MS student presentations
11/11/2013      Veterans Day Holiday    No Seminar
11/18/2013      Juliet Crider   TBA     University of Washington
11/25/2013      Tom Rockwell    TBA     San Diego State University
12/2/2013       Eric Cowgill    TBA     UC Davis
12/9/2013       AGU     No Seminar
12/16/2013      Kyle Gray       Graduating MS student presentations