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3/19/09 10:41 AM

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3/19/09 10:41  AM

With instructions from seismic observer Bryce Grimm forwarded by Mayo Thompson, Sean Flores pounds the dust during Louie's Applied Geophysics class field exercise in March 2009. This ultra-high-resolution seismic reflection experiment succeeded in imaging the base of a canal bank near Fallon, only 2 m down. Photo by J. Louie.

Date   3/19/2009 10:41:18
Camera model   Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
Shutter speed   1/250
Aperture   f/8.0
Maximum aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Focal length   6.2mm
Sensing   One-chip color area
Flash   Off
Metering   Pattern
ISO sensitivity   80