GEOL 456/656
Plate Tectonic Theory

Offered Fall 1997, code 81145/82713 , 3 Credits
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00-12:15 in LMR 253


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Course Outline

Lecture	Date		Topic	

1. Tu 8/26 Introduction & historical perspective: The birth of a theory (Karlin) 2. Th 8/28 Fundamentals of earthquake seismology (Louie) 3. Tu 9/2 Velocity structure of the earth (Louie) 4. Th 9/4 Continental drift (Karlin) 5. Tu 9/9 Paleomagnetism and apparent polar wander paths (Karlin) 6. Th 9/11 Isostasy and heat flow (Karlin) 7. Tu 9/16 Composition of the earth (Louie) 8. Th 9/18 Lithospheric deformation (Louie) 9. Tu 9/23 Sea floor magnetic anomalies and seafloor spreading (Karlin) 10. Th 9/25 The magnetic reversal time scale and magnetostratigraphy (Karlin) 11. Tu 9/30 The plate tectonics paradigm (Louie) 12. Th 10/2 Modelling relative and absolute plate motions (Karlin) Tu 10/7 Presentations and Review Th 10/9 MIDTERM EXAM I 13. Tu 10/14 Oceanic ridges and continental rifts (Karlin) 14. Th 10/16 Transform faults and Fracture zones (Karlin) 15. Tu 10/21 Triple junctions (Karlin) 16. Th 10/23 Subduction zones (Karlin) 17. Tu 10/28 Volcanic island arcs and marginal seas (Karlin) 18. Th 10/30 Mountain ranges I - Ocean-continent collisions (Karlin) 19. Tu 11/4 Mountain ranges II - Continent-continent collisions (Karlin) 20. Th 11/6 Arc-continent collisions and suspect terrains (Karlin) Tu 11/11 Veteran's Day - no classes 21. Th 11/13 Driving mechanisms of plate tectonics I (Louie) 22. Tu 11/18 Driving mechanisms of plate tectonics II (Louie) 23. Th 11/20 Continental breakup (Karlin) (possible MIDTERM EXAM II) 24. Tu 11/25 The Wilson cycle and basin formation (Karlin) Th 11/27 Thanksgiving - no classes 25. Tu 12/2 History of the earth- Part I - Cenozoic and Mesozoic (Karlin) 26. Th 12/4 History of the earth- Part II - Paleozoic and PreCambrian (Karlin) 27. Tu 12/9 Plate tectonics and natural resources (Karlin) Th 12/11 FINAL EXAM 7:30-9:30 A.M.
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Office Hours

By Appointment
Bob Karlin: 257 LMR, 784-1770,
John Louie: 217 LME, 784-4219,


Kearey, P., and Vine, F. J., Global Tectonics, 2nd edition, Blackwell Science, 333 pp., 1996.

Class Organization

To encourage interactive learning, the course will be organized in a lecture/seminar format. Each week, a selected number of important scientific articles will be assigned. In the latter part of the Wednesday session, each student will have the opportunity to review these topics and lead a class discussion. Since an understanding of fundamental principles requires active play and practice, problem sets and/or class reports will be given about every other week and will be due the following Wednesday. Formal examinations will consist of the first midterm and a comprehensive final. The second midterm may be given if circumstances warrant.


Class participation:	25%
Homework problem sets:	25%
Midterm I		25%
Final exam		25%

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