Geol 455/655 Geophysics and Geodynamics - Fall 2006

Call #85925/#89050, 4 Credits

Instructors: J. Louie 784-4219 LME217; J. G. Anderson; I. Tribuleac
Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-10:45 in LMR 355; an additional hour will be scheduled for some of the weeks.
Texts:(F) C. M. R. Fowler, The Solid Earth(T) Turcotte and Schubert, Geodynamics
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Both texts will be on reserve at the DeLaMare Library, available for 12-hour + overnight loan. F is on reserve now; T after it is recalled.
Learning Objectives: A survey of planetary geophysics organized around the predictive power of differential equations.
Grading: Homework 50%; Midterm 15%; Presentations 10%; Final Exam 25%.
WeekDateLecturers AvailableTopicReadingLecture topicLabs and Homework
129-AugJLEarth as a planetF2 F3 T1Plate-tectonics reviewF Probs. 2.3(a-e for any 5), 2.4, 2.8, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.7, 3.8 due 9/5
31-AugJLTerrestrial planets, earth, moonDiscuss: Bennett, Wernicke, et al.
25-SepJLGeochronologyF6 T10Principles of radioactive datingF Probs. 6.1, 6.4, 6.7, 6.9, 6.10 due 9/14
7-SepJLApplications of radioactive datingDiscuss: Atwater and Stock
312-SepITSeismology & major earth structureF4 T2Seismic waves & travel times
14-SepJLModelAssembler Community Modeling EnvironmentLab 1: Run MA-CME due 9/21
419-SepJLWave PropagationDiscuss: Savage et al. and Louie et al.
21-SepJLComputational SeismologyLab 2: Courant Condition due 9/28
526-SepJLWave-equation solutionsObserve surface waves in Pancha's computation: 96 Mb Quicktime or 1.5 Mb MPEG-4
28-SepJLWave computational parameters; Lithospheric deformationLab 3: Grid Dispersion due 11/14
63-OctJL JA ITGravity, tides, & Earth rotationF5 T5Reference gravity model
5-OctJA ITTides & tidal frictionLab 4: Huygens, Fermat, Snell due 11/28
710-OctJL JA ITMeasuring gravity, gravity anomalies, isostasy
12-OctJL JA ITT3Lithosphere flexure, mantle viscosityLab 5: Ground Motion for a Nevada Earthquake (discuss with Louie to start) due 12/12
817-OctJL JA ITHeatF7 T4Diffusion equation & heat flowReno gravity lab
19-OctJLReview for midterm
Heat flow-measurement & results
924-OctJL JA ITMidterm exam(Covers week 1-7 topics)
26-OctJA ITThermal state of the crustHeat Flow exercises due 11/2
1031-OctJA ITHeat in mantle & core - convection
2-NovJL JA ITThermal history of Earth
117-NovJA ITFault scarps: Another application of diffusion
9-NovJL JA ITGeomagnetismF3Present global magnetic field
1214-NovJL JA ITPaleomagnetism: measurements & polar wander
16-NovJA ITSea floor magnetism
1321-NovJL JA ITReconstructing plate motions
1428-NovJL JA ITGlobal seismicityT8Elastic rebound & focal mechanisms
30-NovJL JA ITPatterns of global seismicity
155-DecJL JA ITNevada's lithosphereF8 F9Present-day plate motions
7-DecJL JA ITEarthquake statistics & earthquake rates
15-DecnoneFinal ExamFriday 7:30 AM LMR 355

J. Louie, 9/4/06