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Living with Earthquakes in Nevada: A Nevadan's guide to preparing for, surviving, and recovering from an earthquake

This guide was originally a published handbook that can be downloaded by clicking here. The file is 3.7MB large and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This handbook identifies the earthquake threat to Nevada and reviews earthquake safety, how to be prepared for earthquakes, and mitigation of possible hazards from shaking and fault offset. The menu on the left will navigate through the different aspects.

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The effects, descriptions, recommendations, suggestions, and illustrations included in this document are intended to improve earthquake preparedness; however, they do not guarantee the safety of an individual, structure, or facility. Practice and standards may change as new information is learned. The State of Nevada and the writers of, contributors to, and sponsors of this handbook do not assume liability for any injury, death, property damange, loss of revenue, or any other reason that occurs in connection with an earthquake or otherwise.

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