Recent Earthquakes in Nevada and Eastern California

The ``finger'' service is an earthquake response system sponsored by the Nevada Seismic Research Affiliates of the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation.

Test out our JRTED real-time earthquake monitor for Nevada and eastern California. (Requires Java.).

The most recent human-interpreted earthquakes listed appear on this page (near the bottom) within a few days of their occurrence. During an active earthquake sequence, this list may be updated every few hours.

More rapid but less reliable earthquake locations are available to the public on the Nevada Broadcast of Earthquakes, or on display terminals located at the Seismological Lab next to our earthquake helicorder display.

Large earthquakes may also appear within a few minutes on the NSL Helicorder Camera.

Locations and magnitudes of seismic events within approximately 50 km of Yucca Mountain are preliminary information only. Please contact the Yucca Mountain Project Technical Library (URL = to obtain quality-assured technical data relating to seismic activity or other natural phenomena near Yucca Mountain.

The information included in these documents is intended to improve earthquake preparedness; however, it does not guarantee the safety of an individual structure or facility. The State of Nevada does not assume liability for any injury, death, or property damage that occurs in connection with an earthquake.

Click on the image for a larger map in GIF format, here for a map in Adobe's PDF format, or here for a map in PostScript format showing the most recent located events. The latest of the events is also labeled boldly. All events on this map have been checked and located by an analyst.

The PostScript map is most usefully sent to your PostScript printer for high-resolution output. You can view the plot on your screen using a PostScript display program such as GhostScriptor Adobe Acrobat Distiller and Reader. Unfortunately, this PostScript file is notEPS and will not directly import to popular page-layout or graphics applications.

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