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Our earthquake catalog is integrated with those of adjoining observatories, and available for searching at the Advanced National Seismic System at

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Use the form below to select earthquake info from the catalog maintained by the Nevada Seismological Laboratory. This catalog was assembled for 1852-1979 to include felt events throughout western Nevada and eastern California, and since 1979 continues to include events having magnitudes above 2.0 in that area.

To search earthquake catalogs worldwide, go to: the National Earthquake Information Center

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Disclaimer about Events Near Yucca Mtn: Locations and magnitudes of seismic events within approximately 50 km of Yucca Mountain are preliminary information only. Please contact the Yucca Mountain Project Technical Library (URL = to obtain quality-assured technical data relating to seismic activity or other natural phenomena near Yucca Mountain. More warnings...

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